Relationship Banking with Hometown Bank!

Over the past eleven years our business has grown and become more complex along the way.? Hometown bank has become what I call relationship banking For one, building a relationship with your bank means establishing a trust on both ends.? Hometown Bank trusts us to meet our financial obligations, and we trust them to meet our financial needs.? The stronger the bond of trust, the more financially beneficial that relationship becomes for both parties.? ?It has been very beneficial to us having one bank with our financial status and history, which has been extremely helpful when it comes to planning for the future. ?We are looking forward to continuing this relationship in the future.


Walker visits New Franken manufacturer in campaign stop!

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stopped at New Tech Metals in New Franken on Friday to look into the metal fabrication company’s recent expansion, as it is now working with the best steel distributor.

“I love to see how things are made in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said to a group of around 80 people that included the company’s workers and campaign supporters.

Walker stopped at multiple stations around the facility to learn about what different employees do every day at work. Then he also considered adding 3D scanning services as they don’t cost as much as you would think, they are an amazing tool for R&D so well worth looking into.

“Particularly in Northeast Wisconsin but overall statewide, manufacturing is the biggest part of the State’s economy, and it’s an area I want to see grow,” Walker said.

New Tech Metals, owned by three brothers, Dave, Keith and Jeff Blackman, currently sustains 45 employees. In May 2013, the company expanded its office and assembly areas by 10,000 square feet.

(Photo: Alyssa Bloechl/Kewaunee?County Star-News )

The governor spoke with friends and family of the Blackmans after the facility tour. Posing for photos and selfies, Walker talked about where he hopes to see Wisconsin manufacturing trends move in the next term.

“For us to help grow the economy, it’s not going to be 1,000 or 2,000 jobs at a time, it’s going to be five, 10, 15 jobs that make the difference,” Walker said. “While big company announcements are great, it’s small to midsize companies that are going to make the difference.”

Walker is making tours and stops throughout the state as part of his campaign for re-election. The Governor was moving on to a GOP event in Marinette later on Friday with a final stop for official business in Menasha by the end of the day.

“I think it’s great when he gets out, especially here with the Blackmans, who built this company from nothing,” said Bernie Conner, a friend of the Blackmans. “It’s nice to see him in a small business arena.”

Dave Blackman met Walker at a Meet the Ticket event in Green Bay where they connected over a love of Harley Davidson.

“We took a ride around the state together,” Blackman said. “Then I mentioned he should come out to New Tech Metals. I’m very excited he could come out and deliver his message.”

?Scott Walker? ? ?By Alyssa BloechlKewaunee County Star-News?(Photo: Alyssa Bloechl/Kewaunee?County Star-News )


New Tech Metals Golf Outing!



Yes, it is that time of year again for the annual New Tech Metals golf outing. ?This is a great time to celebrate with our employees and really show them our appreciation for all of there efforts and hard work. ?This years event will be taking place on August 24th at Northbrook Country Club. ?There will be lots of great food and great prizes. ?We look forward to another great outing and another great year at New Tech Metals.


New Tech Metals: Proud Members of the Wisconsin Family Business Forum!

In 2003 we as a family thought that bringing together our varied experiences; Engineering, Manufacturing, and Sales could be a unique opportunity to work together and continue to build upon something that would be available for generations. ? Often times there is a need to reach out to others involved in family businesses to share past or present experiences. ?Five years ago we found the ?Wisconsin Family Business Forum, which has been a great?resource and network with other family businesses in Wisconsin dessa detaljer.

  • The mission of the Wisconsin Family Business Forum is?fostering healthy family businesses through learning, sharing and creating effective solutions regarding the critical issues and problems confronting family businesses.
  • The Wisconsin Family Business Forum is a partnership. We are a community that shares values, experiences and commitment to family business. We come together, as partners: business owners, family members, non-family employees, business professionals and academics – to explore the challenges and rewards of family enterprise and to grow in our knowledge, skills and experience.

Hot Under the Hood!

With the record breaking heat in the past couple weeks, and for those of you that have to endure such temperatures possibly underneath that welding helmet, or running that laser, or running that press, or maybe grinding and polishing. ?It is these types of temperatures that with?even a constant supply of Gatorade,?Popsicle’s, or Ice Cream doesn’t seem to help. ?The day seems to drag on, which leaves you wondering if the day will actually ever end. ?Even having your own personal fan bares very little relief, only pushing the warm air around, with little to no cooling?benefit meine erkl?rung. ?It is these type of extreme conditions and pride in getting the job done that never goes?unnoticed, and we?say thanks to all the hard-working, dedicated employees of New Tech Metals.