US Senator Ron Johnson Makes Campaign Stop at New Tech Metals!

US Senator Ron Johnson



Back on November of 2015 US Senator Ron Johnson made a planned stop on his campaign trail to visit a small, but growing fabrication shop in New Franken, WI. ?He wanted to explain to the New Tech Metals team his beliefs and why he is seeking another term. ?He explained how the federal government is continuing to bankrupt America, because of it’s ever expanding size, scope and cost. ?He believes huge deficits , slow economic activity, and inadequate job creation are symptoms of the problem. ?It was a very inspiring to hear from the US Senator, due to his vast experience in the Manufacturing world. ?New Tech Metals has been continuing it’s efforts with steady growth, lean processes, and state-of-the-art technology.

Why 2016 SolidWorks has improved our productivity?

With the constant focus of continues improvement, we are always moving forward with productivity gains. ?SolidWorks has really helped us with there intuitive design interface, and has minimized our training needs. ?It has also??maximized our productivity in our design and engineering resources to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively. ?We can deliver compelling product detail with representations of 3D models, 2D drawings, animations, and photo-realistic renderings before manufacture. You can also leverage existing 3D data to create dynamic technical communications like interactive assembly instructions, exploded formats, and compelling project proposals that differentiate you from the competition. ?It has also improved our collaboration witch drives new ideas and expands opportunities.

Relationship Banking with Hometown Bank!

Over the past eleven years our business has grown and become more complex along the way.? Hometown bank has become what I call relationship banking For one, building a relationship with your bank means establishing a trust on both ends.? Hometown Bank trusts us to meet our financial obligations, and we trust them to meet our financial needs.? The stronger the bond of trust, the more financially beneficial that relationship becomes for both parties.? ?It has been very beneficial to us having one bank with our financial status and history, which has been extremely helpful when it comes to planning for the future. ?We are looking forward to continuing this relationship in the future.


Walker visits New Franken manufacturer in campaign stop!

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stopped at New Tech Metals in New Franken on Friday to look into the metal fabrication company’s recent expansion, as it is now working with the best steel distributor.

“I love to see how things are made in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said to a group of around 80 people that included the company’s workers and campaign supporters.

Walker stopped at multiple stations around the facility to learn about what different employees do every day at work. Then he also considered adding 3D scanning services as they don’t cost as much as you would think, they are an amazing tool for R&D so well worth looking into.

“Particularly in Northeast Wisconsin but overall statewide, manufacturing is the biggest part of the State’s economy, and it’s an area I want to see grow,” Walker said.

New Tech Metals, owned by three brothers, Dave, Keith and Jeff Blackman, currently sustains 45 employees. In May 2013, the company expanded its office and assembly areas by 10,000 square feet.

(Photo: Alyssa Bloechl/Kewaunee?County Star-News )

The governor spoke with friends and family of the Blackmans after the facility tour. Posing for photos and selfies, Walker talked about where he hopes to see Wisconsin manufacturing trends move in the next term.

“For us to help grow the economy, it’s not going to be 1,000 or 2,000 jobs at a time, it’s going to be five, 10, 15 jobs that make the difference,” Walker said. “While big company announcements are great, it’s small to midsize companies that are going to make the difference.”

Walker is making tours and stops throughout the state as part of his campaign for re-election. The Governor was moving on to a GOP event in Marinette later on Friday with a final stop for official business in Menasha by the end of the day.

“I think it’s great when he gets out, especially here with the Blackmans, who built this company from nothing,” said Bernie Conner, a friend of the Blackmans. “It’s nice to see him in a small business arena.”

Dave Blackman met Walker at a Meet the Ticket event in Green Bay where they connected over a love of Harley Davidson.

“We took a ride around the state together,” Blackman said. “Then I mentioned he should come out to New Tech Metals. I’m very excited he could come out and deliver his message.”

?Scott Walker? ? ?By Alyssa BloechlKewaunee County Star-News?(Photo: Alyssa Bloechl/Kewaunee?County Star-News )


New Tech Metals Moving Forward with 7,000 Square Foot Expansion!

Owners Dave, Jeff and Keith Blackman are excited to announce the construction of the addition which will provide New Tech Metals the ability to meet customers’ increasing demands for custom fabrication.

Since 1979, New Tech Metals has been providing a complete range of cutting, punching, and forming services with the latest advancements in CNC technology.? New Tech Metals builds long-term relationships with its customers and is consistently expanding and improving their operations to meet customers’ demands, even in challenging times.? New Tech Metals is dedicated to offering superior service.

Located at 1600 Van Ess Road in New Franken, construction will begin late October, and is expected to be completed by March 2013.

The construction will be done by?Keller, Inc.,?

Keller, Planners, Architects and Builders, a design/build general contractor with offices in the Fox Cities, Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau, will design and build a 6,946 square foot addition for New Tech Metals under the direction of Keller Project Managers, Cory Vande Wettering, Bob Poch, and Architect, Jim Stoijke.

New Tech Metals Golf Outing!



Yes, it is that time of year again for the annual New Tech Metals golf outing. ?This is a great time to celebrate with our employees and really show them our appreciation for all of there efforts and hard work. ?This years event will be taking place on August 24th at Northbrook Country Club. ?There will be lots of great food and great prizes. ?We look forward to another great outing and another great year at New Tech Metals.


Seismic Design for Kiosk for Westfield Centre in San Francisco!

One would think by just looking at the pictures that this is just your average Kiosk that you see everyday in you local malls, however this one is a little different. ?This particular Kiosk had to be designed with seismic design for the Westfield Shopping Centre in the heart of San Francisco. ?When taking on this project I have to say there was some?skepticism, however with determination and pride, we were able to complete the project on schedule.

The essence of successful seismic design is three-fold:

  • First, the design team must take a multi-hazard approach towards design that accounts for the potential impacts of seismic forces as well as all the major hazards to which an area is vulnerable.
  • Second, performance-based requirements, which may exceed the minimum life safety requirements of current seismic codes, must be established to respond appropriately to the threats and risks posed by natural hazards.
  • Third, and as important as the others, because earthquake forces are dynamic and responds according to its own design complexity, it is essential that the design team work collaboratively and have a common understanding of the terms and methods used in the seismic design process, it is also important to figure out what equipment will be necessary. In this case, a steam generator was one of the main tools needed.

Westfield San Francisco Centre Showcases
The City’s Architectural Heritage du kan kolla h?r

Visitors from around the world who step into Westfield San Francisco?Centre marvel at its inspired design, effortless sophistication and world-class shopping,entertainment and dining. Located just two blocks from famed Union Square on San Francisco’s?Market Street, this iconic destination is located on the site of the historic former Emporium?Department Store, a structure built in 1896 and once hailed as the “Grandest Mercantile Building in?the World” with its signature Beaux-Art grand fa?ade and elegant glass dome.

This is what the customer had to say:

“I wanted to let everyone at New Tech Metals know that without your hard work, this would have just been another “cool sketch” that didn’t quite make it to the production line.? We truly could not have done it without you.? In fact, New Tech was the only company (out of about 15) to even consider the challenge. ?On behalf of everyone at RCS (who are completely blown away by this one of a kind fixture) thank you.”