About Us

Since 1979, New Tech Metals has been providing industry leaders and OEMs with the latest in advancements in CNC technology. Our laser systems are used in concert with CNC press brakes, CNC turret presses, ?and other state-of-the-art machining equipment to offer you a complete range of laser cutting, punching, and forming services. We use the best equipment, such as the Williams and Hussey Moulding Knives and the automatic girth welder, to produce high-quality steel tubes, metals, etc.

Best Practices

New Tech Metals has demonstrated the ability to achieve double digit performance improvements in our own operations and for our partners as well. We recognize our associates as the most highly valued asset that our company has to achieve superior results. The ultimate goal is to develop our associates to be proactive and thus be able to focus our resources on value-added functions. Repetitive and standard events should be a reflex. We recognize that managing organizations can be challenging, thus we have established an approach to excellence based on best practices.

Continuous Improvement

We understand that customers’ environments change. To optimize the return for our partners, New Tech Metals assists by focusing operational teams on frequency and severity. Our professionals are trained to work with operations, quality, safety personnel, and financial personnel to catalyze change that promotes top and bottom line growth indegenerique.be. Identifying a possible problem before it happens can prove to be the best prevention in avoiding down time. The cornerstone at New Tech Metals is continuous improvements in process. Measurable goals are established to make improvements and increase customer satisfaction.


New Tech Metals builds long-term relationships with its customer. Therefore, we have consistently expanded and improved our operations, offering 25 years of metal fabrication business. Service is one of the most critical aspects of our value propositions. Whether it is the timely delivery or the flexibility in our service capability – before and after the sale – we are dedicated to offering superior service.